Seneca Therapeutics, Inc. (Seneca) is pursuing the development of an oncolytic immunotherapeutic called Seneca Valley Virus (SVV) and derivatives as cancer therapeutics, cancer vaccines, and vaccines for infectious diseases. SVV is an oncolytic virus that eliminates tumor cells in which it can replicate. SVV has shown promising activity in clinical studies conducted in patients having tumors of neuroendocrine origin, including small cell lung cancer. SVV has also been tested in numerous relevant animal models and can be utilized as a therapeutic for selected tumors. SVV can be further modified as a platform for delivery of gene products, immune system modifiers and tumor associated antigens to address a wide variety of cancers.  Moreover, SVV can be modified for delivery of antigens for infectious disease vaccines.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a best-in-class oncolytic immunotherapeutic that is effective in treating all types of cancer patients. At Seneca Therapeutics, we believe a cure for cancer is within our lifetime and we are working with urgency to see this promising possibility become a reality.

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Our Vision

Seneca Therapeutics, Inc. (Seneca) is developing the nonpathogenic Seneca Valley Virus isolate 001 (SVV-001) as a targeted immunotherapy that selectively kills cancer cells expressing the SVV-001 receptor, TEM-8, and converts the tumor microenvironment from cold to hot. SVV-001 is expected to synergize with immune checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines to overcome immune tolerance and cure more patients with cancer.

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Our Promise

Our promise is to continue developing the most revolutionary oncolytic immunotherapeutic candidates to provide advanced targeted treatments for all types of cancer.   We are committed to delivering on our promise and ultimately discovering a cure for cancer.